Joseph L. Nedelec, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 

School of Criminal Justice

P.O. Box 210389

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0389


Office: 660-E TDC

Phone: (513) 556-5561

Fax: (513) 556-3303

Email: [firstname][dot][lastname][at]uc.edu

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Updated: January 2021

About Me: I am currently an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati.  My research interests include biopsychosocial criminology, behavioral genetics, evolutionary psychology, quantitative methods, and cybercrime.


I currently serve as Vice-President for the world's first scholarly association dedicated to biosocial criminology research, the Biosocial Criminology Association.  

I currently serve as the Director for the School of Criminal Justice Online Master's Program. Click here for more information.

Google Scholar Profile: click here


"The Nature of Crime" blog at Psychology Today